SUBJECT: Private invitation
(Current and Past Clients ONLY)

September 21, 2023
Mt Pleasant, SC
From the desk of Roberto Monaco
Re: Personal Invitation

Dear Friend,

If you want to build your business bigger and faster with less stress and headaches ... then I've got some good news.

For a very limited time, I'm opening the doors to an exclusive mastermind and accountability group.

I'm calling them "Business Growth Pods."

And I'm inviting YOU to join me on this new adventure.

If you qualify, you'll get personal, hands-on coaching and mentoring with me and my business partner, Jeff Paro. This new venture is actually two things

  1. It's an intimate mastermind with a handful of smart and ambitious entrepreneurs where we share breakthroughs, shortcuts and new discoveries that are working like gangbusters RIGHT NOW.
  2. It's also an accountability and implementation program. We're gonna help you get clear on top priorities, solve your most pressing business problems, create action plans, month after month... and keep you accountable to what you said you were going to do.

I've created, participated and observed a lot of coaching and mastermind groups... and I've learned some valuable lessons.

First, if you want to grow your business to its maximum potential, your mastermind leader needs to have the leadership skills to facilitate. (Because if somebody isn't doing it, your business and income never improve.) I've been coaching and facilitating groups for more than 18 years.

Second and equally important... your group needs to be composed of peers that are near your same level of experience (or more) and bring as much (or more) to the table as you do... so your business -- and income -- can improve.

Hey, we all join these mastermind groups with the intention of giving, not just taking, but let's be honest: there's nothing worse than feeling like you're paying to give away your hard-won advice and feel like you're receiving nothing in return.

Lastly, your group needs to have diversity. Diversity is the secret ingredient for innovation and growth. The best ideas often come from outside your industry. People with varied life experiences can help you look at common problems with a unique perspective.

During our 18 year journey, we have worked with over 40 different professions and we can assure you that the cross-pollination of different segments is magical. There is a reason successful companies embrace cross-pollination, think: Red Bull (energy drink) & GoPro (camera), Nike (apparel) & Apple (technology), etc

Any mastermind without these crucial components is nothing more than a pricey social group.

That's why ours is different.

You're going to have a LOT of access to me and Jeff as your coaches and mentors. AND the support of a true strategic, diversified mastermind alliance.

Our mission is simple:

"We're gonna help you "leap-frog" over the stressful decades-long, paying-your-dues learning curve normally required so you can achieve your business and personal goals faster, develop meaningful business relationships along the way, while minimizing the stress and headaches that come from being a successful entrepreneur."

If you're accepted into one of our Business Growth Pods here's how we'll work together:

... We will set you up with an account inside our mastermind portal. This will have your business information, background and list some of your upcoming goals that you want to work on.

... Your other POD members will go over your profile to familiarize themselves with you, your business and your outcomes.

... Twice a month we will have a zoom meeting (75 minutes) where we will work together to build your business. Twice a month you'll get your own "hot seat" in front of me, Jeff and the group.

This is YOUR time. It's all about YOU.

We will explore ways to achieve your goals faster with less friction. During your time in the hot seat, we'll focus exclusively on your business, your goals, your biggest challenges... whatever you need help with.

We'll make sure you get the time and attention you need for your breakthrough "Ah-Ha!" moments.

Bring your most pressing business challenge, sales copy, websites, product ideas, sales and conversion results and collectively we will find a solution for you!

The team and I will roll up our sleeves and go to work, doing everything we can to help you improve your business results...

We'll go deep... smashing through all the barriers and sticking points (both real and imagined) holding you back from what you really want.

In between the mastermind calls, you will have implementation items. That is action time, that is where you get the results. The great news is that if you come across challenges or barriers along the way, you can reach out to the group for support!

Since we'll be meeting every two weeks on Zoom, you won't have the expense, inconvenience and time away from your family and business traveling to the meetings.

Although... once each year we'll meet in person for two days. (Most likely in Charleston, SC... we held one this year and it was a smashing success.)

You're not obligated to attend the yearly in-person meeting... but it would be great if you do. Magic happens at these get-togethers. So if possible, I'd like to have you there.

This is by application only. Not everybody will be accepted.

But... BEFORE you apply, I want to make sure you know specifically what our Business Growth Pod is NOT.

... It is NOT a coaching program with a pre-set curriculum that you have to follow

... It is NOT a program for "information gathers"... it's for serious action-taking entrepreneurs that want real results.

... It is NOT a TAKE and no GIVE program... your contribution to the group is expected and critical.

What it IS ... is an intimate and powerful mastermind group that brings strategies, insight, feedback, accountability and support for YOU, based on YOUR business situation, goals and outcomes.

What it IS... is a collaborative "knowledge transfer" among peers with equal or more talent.

What it IS... is a safe place to share and discuss your biggest executive-level challenges that you may not have anyone to turn to or anyone that will understand.

So who WILL be accepted?

Since we can't multiply zeroes, you have to already have a working business that's making sales. You don't have to be making millions (yet)... but you gotta have something to work with, make sense?

In other words, no dreamers. Just action takers.

** YOU MUST BE: AN IFF (Influencing From the Front) seminar alumni, a current or past private coaching client or a current/past member of The Chiro Speaking Club Or Influence Academy. **

After you apply -- if you meet the qualifications -- I'll send you a link where you can schedule a quick chat with me so I can clarify any lingering questions you may have and I can get a feel for which Business Growth Pod will be the best fit for you.

If you're accepted, the fee is $697/month with a 6-month commitment. Or a one-pay of $3,764. (That's a 10% discount.). After the 6-month commitment, it rolls into month to month, cancel at any time.

In reality, this won't "cost" you anything. If you're willing to put in the work, your investment will MORE than pay for itself.

If this sounds like it might be a good fit for you, here's what you need to do next: 

If you qualify, I will send you a link to my calendar in the next couple days to schedule a brief call with me.

By the way, because of all the personal attention, I have to limit this to only 5 (five) people. Your group will have 5 members plus Jeff and I, as I told you before, it's extremely intimate and exclusive.

And we're starting SOON. Just as soon as I complete the interviews with all the qualified applicants.

So here's quick recap of everything that you'll get... A quick recap

-- Two 75-minute monthly mentoring, coaching and feedback group meetings... so you can grow your business

-- Access to other powerful Business Growth Pod members... where you'll learn what's working in their businesses and how you can implement in your business

-- 1 ticket our annual LIVE mastermind event in Charleston, SC... so you can further forge your relationship with other members. Sold alone this is a $697 ticket event.

-- Access to all our online training programs while an active BGP member... this is a plethora of insightful trainings that others pay $297/mo to have access.

All for just $697/mo.

So if you want to explore this, you should get your application in ASAP. Go to...

Speak Soon, Roberto and Jeff

P.S. I intend to make the Business Growth Pods as snobbishly elite as I possibly can. In fact, I expect the people who miss out on this opportunity will seethe with jealousy and literally ache with regret. But I don't want YOU to suffer that cruel fate. So apply right now... so you don't lose out on one of these 5 spots.