Calling All Super-star graphic designers....

Do You Have The Right Stuff?


From the desk of Jeff Paro
Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Re: graphic designer job opening


Dear Potential Partner, 

Thank you for your interest in joining our team as a graphic designer (or white label agency). I’m excited about the possibilities the future holds. 

But I need to be honest with you… 

And I ask for your forgiveness upfront if you find what I’m about to say offensive, rude, or blunt…

But, you’re probably NOT a good fit for the team. Don’t feel bad, less than 3% of graphic designers are.

You see, we do things very differently around here. 

We don’t micromanage:  if you say you’re going to do something, we let you get it done when and how you like.  As long as it’s on time and of the highest quality

We don't advocate brand image marketing. We sell stuff via trackable marketing and believe “branding” is just a bonus of this style of marketing. 

We use a set fee schedule: We will set an agreed upfront fee for each type of work you do. Ie - landing page, Logo, 4-page website, 1 paid flyer, 4-10 page ebook layout + cover….ect.

We only hire people/agencies: 

  • that already have experience designing the direct response marketing way (landing pages, sales letters, optin forms).
  • Speak English fluently
  • Must have examples of your work.

For us, design is not art.  Its sole purpose is to help sell our offers better. 97% of graphic designers can’t swallow that pill. They are stuck in their academic training to design ‘beauty’ instead of ‘design for conversion’. Few have the “marketer’s mindset” that we are looking for. 

Again, if you don’t understand or agree with what I said above, I completely understand … no hard feelings… but it’s best not to apply. 

What’s in it for you?

You get to work on your own schedule.  Other than weekly team meetings, and setting agreed expectations and outcomes, you can work when and how you like. 

We pay above brazil’s market rates. Because our clients are in the US, we charge them in dollars. This allows us to pay our team in Brazil better rates. But this also allows us to pick from the very best brazil has to offer. 

You get to see behind the scenes: and see how master marketers work and design their marketing campaigns.

Do you think you got the right stuff?  Here are the next steps. Being able to follow detailed instructions is a requirement of the job.  Please do exactly what is asked below:

  1. Take this job opening’s page content and design a direct response page.  I purposely left it with just the content.  Make it pop. Pretend, this was the copy a client send over for a sales/landing page (make a suggestion if you believe it’s missing something). The deliverable can be in pdf, a link to dev site… whatever works for you.
  2. When finished with your design, send it to [email protected] (“right stuff” as subject) along with your ballpark fees to design: 
    1. landing page 
    2. logo 
    3. 4-page website
    4. 1 paid flyer 
    5. 4-10 page ebook layout + cover
    6. Infographic
    7. Branding package
  3. Send some examples of your work.

More about the opportunity. 

We are currently launching a new marketing company focused on creating New Client Acquisition systems. 

Like any upstart company at the beginning, there will be sporadic work. But as the business grows so will your work. 

You don’t have the “work for us” exclusively all we ask is that you deliver all your commitments on time a do great work - fair enough? 

If you interact with the customer you will be representing our company (white label).

  • It is a per piece/project relationship now.
  • Non-negotiable skills: design, direct response marketing layouts, fluent English
  • Nice to have skills: programming skills or page builder skills, print layout experience.

Talk soon!



PS - If you understand the purpose of this letter and the reason I wrote it the way I did, let me know your thoughts.