Has COVID-19 disrupted your lead flow?
Are you concerned about where your next sale is going to come from?

“Discover simple Lead Generation methods for Quickly Getting 10, 20, 40 Maybe Even 50 New Leads In as Little as 7 Days!"

Learn Why These Are Now The ONLY Time Efficient And Cost-effective Client-getting Sales Strategies Available In These Restrictive Conditions!

Dear Business Owner, 

I don't need to tell you that we live in unprecedented times. You've seen with your own eyes how COVID-19 is completely disrupting local businesses.

Many business owners have seen their life’s work disappear overnight and had to close their doors forever.

Imagine the difficult conversations they’ve had.  The one with their spouse, letting the other know that their life savings were dried up trying to “save the business” and that no money will be coming in next month... 

... Or the one with their employee, letting them know they are fired and that they will no longer have a paycheck to sustain themselves or their family. 

... Or the one with themselves…those silent moments when they question their own abilities and wonder if they are cut out to be self-employed.

These conversations are brutal. 

And the worst part is they are preventable. 

They all go away if your business continues to make sales

If you want to avoid conversations like these then read every word on this page because even though the landscape has changed, it’s still possible to attract and convert hordes of potential customers remotely. 

It requires a small shift in your thinking and in your business model, but anyone can do it -- including you.  

In a few moments, I’m going to reveal to you exactly what you need to know to create REMOTE sales in your business.

Did a detox presentation Monday and closed the whole room on testing 😜thanks for all you and Berto do 😜 - Allison Bonham

But before I do let me tell you a bit about me and why you should listen to what I have to say. 

My name is Roberto Monaco.  

While you’ve probably never heard of me, you’ve definitely heard of many of my famous clients. 

I’ve been helping people like speakers, authors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, professional service providers, get clients using presentations for more than 13 years. 

I cut my teeth as a speaker working for Tony Robbins (whom many consider the best speaker alive).  

Many of his past speakers can say they worked for him (100’s have), but very few can claim they were the #1 revenue producer in his company for 4 years straight...  Nor that he entrusted them to train his other speakers. 

I can.

And Since leaving the Anthony Robbins Companies over 10 years ago I have been speaking, training, and coaching clients full time -- on how to become influencers and produce predictable conversions. 

I have also helped my clients to confidently use virtual (remote) presentations to expand their brand and acquire more clients online.

I've worked with all gambits of people. From complete novices that were scared to death to give a talk in front of their own mother. To house-hold names that want to find an edge.

I have taught students in over 31 industries and counting. 

Navy SEALS, Superbowl champions, Helicopter pilots, Technology Consultants, Coaches, Financial Planners, Mortgage Professionals, Dentists, Veterinarians, Business Owners, Network Marketers, Nutritionists, Accountants, Seminar Leaders, Executives, College Students… and MORE, have all used my methods to create converting presentations.

I’m not telling you this brag… those that know me personally will tell you that’s not my style.  I’m telling you this so that you’ll believe me when I tell you that... 


Roberto worked for the Anthony Robbins Companies for 6 years and in 2004, 2005, 2006 and in 2007 he was the top producer and revenue generator in the country.

In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Roberto also coached and trained all the other Peak Performance Strategists at The Anthony Robbins Companies.

“Had the most incredible and empowering weekend with the Influenceology team (Chiro Speaking Company) and students! Can't thank them enough!! Luv you guys!”

- Trish Nunez

"The absolute best when it comes to the science of influencing a crowd! Love this group and company, Roberto and Jeff are hands down the best at their craft!!!"

- Cory Oldham

“The ABSOLUTE best way to Attract and Convert clients in this COVID economy is to use virtual presentations.

With all of your 'old' ways of going to the prospects now being obsolete, you need to figure out how you can go to them using 'new' ways.

Virtual presentations are the BEST way I've discovered for small business owners to create a predictable and reliable stream of new leads and clients... in spite of the current COVID crisis.

Virtual presentations are things like:

  • Webinars
  • Pre-recorded webinars
  • Live videos on Facebook
  • Live videos on YouTube
  • Live videos on Instagram
  • Live videos on Periscope
  • Live videos on LinkedIn
  • Pre-recorded videos that you can share on ALL platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Personal videos are also known as 1-on-1 videos (a little-known technique that allows you to quickly record to send to ONE client at a time. (I have recorded over 1,300 videos myself they are money-in-the-bank)
  • Private membership site videos (they are amazing for retention and referral purposes)

Virtual presentations are HUGE now and they are getting BIGGER.

“Virtual Presentations are superior to all other forms of marketing”

Virtual Presentations are superior to all other forms of marketing because they are:

Effective: Most likely, the last time you bought something of a considerable amount, you did your research, and in the process, you watched a video.

Cheap: All you need is a recording device (phone) and an internet connection.

Leverageable: Once you create them, you can post them on an unlimited number of social platforms, your blog and email them to your current email list.

Trust-building: the moment you step into the role of "presenter" you magically assume the role of leader and a subject matter expert. Your community is looking for guidance now more than ever.

Easy to implement: Unlike other forms of online marketing, that can be EXTREMELY complicated to understand and to implement, the inner workings of how to use online presentations are easy to implement.

Anyone can do it: once you discover the framework anyone can become an effective Remote presenter regardless of current knowledge of presentations and technology. Even if you're a complete rookie or a person that has failed in the past, you still can generate clients with it.

Not time consuming: One of the biggest fears I hear from students is that it will take a lot of time to create presentations and remote content. The truth is they are incredibly easy and require minimal time once you have a system in place to create content that transforms your audience into clients.

Influential and educational simultaneously: One of the great benefits of remote presentations is that they can: educate and influence your audience at the same time, so you don't feel like you are doing a "sales pitch" every single time you do one.

Easy to be shared: It is an easier way for your current clients to share one of your remote presentations to their family and friends. All they have to do is share and you do the talking.

Transferable: Many of the skills that you develop when doing remote presentations are transferable to other types of communications that you might do like: team meetings, outside talks, internal workshops.

“Great to know... but....”

Since the pandemic started, many clients have come to me and asked, "how can I take what I've been doing successfully offline and do it online?"

And other folks have approached me asking, "I've never given a talk before, how can I get clients doing online presentations?"

And the solution I've come up with that addresses them both is an event I call INFLUENCING FROM THE FRONT FOR THE VIRTUAL PRESENTER.

During this WEB event, I'm going to teach my proprietary 3M framework. It stands for Messenger, Message, Marketing.

It encompasses all areas that you will need to master in order to become a successful remote presenter that gets clients every time you present.

“The 3M Virtual Presenter Framework”

Messenger: Why does your audience listen to one presenter but ignores others? Why do your prospective clients listen to other presenters who are promoting sickness and disease instead of you? In this section, you will know why!!! During the first part of our training, we will do a deep dive inside your psychology (headspace) to help you...

  • Eliminate camera shyness
  • Speak with unstoppable confidence in front of a camera
  • Get rid of any fear of judgment, failure or rejection you may be experiencing
  • Improve your charisma tenfold during your remote presentations
  • Engage audiences when presenting remotely
  • Help you look better in front of a camera
  • Speak with authority and influence
  • Improve your voice and how your audience listens to you
  • And much more...

Message:  The vast majority of Business Owners experience poor results with their remote presentations because "they are singing someone else's song". Someone told them to "memorize their script so they can have the practice of their dreams". What people fail to recognize is that "congruence is the ultimate tool of influence". In order to convert at a high clip, you have to create and deliver a message that is congruent with YOUR values, YOUR beliefs, YOUR mission, and, most importantly, how YOU practice, period.

During this session, you will discover a methodology for you to create a powerful, unique and congruent message that converts minds, attitudes and beliefs. Specifically, you will discover:

  • How to transform your personal story so it becomes your # 1 persuasion tool
  • How to find, structure and deliver your clients stories to increase conversion
  • How to use stories to create urgency during your remote presentations
  • The structure for remote presentations - long format (15 - 90 minutes). This structure is perfect for client orientation classes online, remote lunch and learns and health-related webinars and online seminars.
  • The presentation structure for remote presentations - medium format (5 - 15 minutes). This structure is perfect for daily or weekly educational videos/live videos, like how-to videos, FAQ videos, weekly tips, etc.
  • The presentation structure for remote presentations - short format (1 - 5 minutes). This structure is perfect for quick updates, video ads, videos encouraging people to join your list, one-on-one videos and more.  
  • 35 different ways to create content

Marketing: This part we will go over the most effective ways to get your message seen and heard. We'll cover things like:

  • Webinars: how to create, to deliver and promote a webinar that acquires clients, increase your PVA and get referrals
  • Facebook LIVES: how to produce and broadcast them.
  • Instagram's IG: how to set up and discuss what content is best
  • YouTube videos: tips and tricks
  • Personal Videos: What they are and how to use them to create a stream of new clients.
  • Retention videos: technology and systems to create your own membership site for education, retention and referrals.
  • A 2020 Best of the class technology guide with the best gear, software and apps to become the ultimate remote presenter

“Why the 3M framework is the best compared to others”

Because of COVID-19 many people are having to do remote presentations from home. And the demand for training on how to do them has skyrocketed, causing a plethora of competition to throw their hat into the ring for a slice of the pie.

While I respect their spirit as an entrepreneur, I can assure you that very few of them have the same experience as me when it comes to creating presentations that sell.  And quite frankly, that's the most important part of all.  You can use all the latest bells and whistles that technology offers, but if you don't have a powerful message that resonates with your audience, you're going to have inferior results.

While the competition has entered the market because they saw an opportunity, I've been in the trenches making my living giving presentations for years.

I've been creating and delivering presentations, both with clients and for myself for more than 15 years.

And I want to teach YOU all those hard-won lessons.

That's why I want to make your decision to join me, a no-brainer.

When you sign up today, you can join me and 100's of other Business Owners for just $1297 for all 3 days of this life-changing content.

"WAIT! Did you just say 3 DAYS?!"

Yes! But hold your horses… 

3 days in front of your computer listening to your average presenter would be excruciating!!! 

I am sure you experienced those super boring and painful webinars with hundreds of slides, haven't you?  

That is WHY we do something totally different. 

We designed the entire experience to be UNBELIEVABLY engaging!! You will be doing exercises, sharing your ideas, speaking to the group, recording videos and much more. 

We have a saying in our company that goes: "participation leads to transformation" and you will experience this principle during our class. 

And, as I tried to humbly say, I'm not your average presenter.  And after studying under me for just 3 days, neither will you be. 

I recently did this 3 Day online seminar for a small group of Business Owners in Spain (who many shared your same concern) and here's what they had to say…

"I fell asleep on other zoom meetings, but this was incredible"

“It was the first done by zoom, and even by zoom I found it incredible…so go for it!”

“Roberto, you’ve changed my life…”

I think it’s a testament that my methodologies are DIFFERENT and THEY WORK. And I’m excited to teach them to you so you, too, can deliver impactful virtual presentations.

"Even the worst possible ROI, beats the stock market!"

Imagine if after spending one weekend out of 52 available with me and what I taught you only resulted in 1 new client extra per month (which is impossible, never happened in 15 years), based on an average life-time value of a client being $1000, your weekend would produce a whopping $12,000.00 in revenue (1 client per month X 12 X $1,000), or a 925% ROI.

If this was your return in the stock market, Warren Buffet would be calling you and asking for advice!!!

“Presentation is a skill
that can be used for a lifetime”

But let's not forget that these skills will be with you for a lifetime.  AND... each time you do a remote presentation, you get better and better.  Add to that the priceless feeling of sleeping well at night knowing that you have a predictable client getting system that you can deploy at will... and you quickly realize $1297 is more than fair. 

But wait... I'm not done yet...

"Fast Acting Bonuses"

150-Page Desk Reference: You can take notes during the class in it and you can use it as a reference before every presentation. It is stacked with examples on how to use our methods to craft high-converting talks. $997
Lifetime Access To IFF Alumni Facebook Group $597
The recording of the Influencing From The Front For the Virtual Presenter $997
Presentations that Sell Vol 1 $497
Stories that sell Volume 1 $297
The 10 Beliefs of the Master Presenter Course $197
Story Selling 101 $97
How to Look Good and Sound Good During Your Next Presentation $97
Presentation Structures $97
Magnetic Openings $97
The Psychology of an Influencer – Overcoming the Fear Of Public Speaking $97
Video Marketing Content – Vol 1 $197
Video Marketing Content – Vol 2 $197
Video Marketing Content – Vol 3 $197
Video Marketing Content – Vol 4 $197
Total Value $4,855


July 23rd-25th, 2021

Friday: 9:30am - 8pm (EST)
Saturday: 9:30am - 6pm (EST)
Sunday: 9:30am - 2pm (EST)

Where: from the comfort of your home or your office (no travel or hotel expenses). This event will be broadcasted LIVE with your participation!

“What's Covered During the Event?"

There will be a total of 16 (sixteen) sessions designed to help you improve the 3 core elements of a client-getting system:

You (the messenger), what you say (the message) and how to get people to watch your message (the marketing).

Without getting too specific so we can protect our proprietary information (unfortunately, many other groups have stolen our materials before), here is what is in store for you.

The Messenger

Session 1: The mindset of the remote presenter

Session 2: Transforming camera shyness into confidence

Session 3: The charisma edge: strategies to deliver an engaging virtual presentation


The Message

Session 4: How to create a virtual presentation that converts, from opening all the way to the close.

Session 5: Examples of Remote Presentations - part 1 – long format talks

Session 6: Examples of Remote Presentations - part 2 – short format talks

Session 7: How to transform your personal story into your # 1 conversion tool

Session 8: How to sell with stories during a remote presentation

Session 9: Your personal story - exercise


The Marketing

Session 10: Mastering Live videos

Session 11: Deploying persuasive webinars

Session 12: How to prepare for a virtual presentation  

Session 13: The 1-on-1 video playbook (my secret weapon)

Session 14: Getting virtual speaking gigs

Session 15: Your virtual presentation plan

Session 16: Your 15-minute virtual presentation - exercise

“10X my Investment Guarantee”

But don't take my word for it. This event comes with a 365-day, 10X my investment guarantee.  When you implement our system and all the strategies that you will learn during the event and, after 365 days, you haven't made at least 10X your initial investment I'll refund every cent back to you.  All the risk is on me.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company in our industry to offer this because we know the transformational impact we will have in your career and we stand behind our work.

We offer this with confidence because, in 10 years, we've never had one refund!

Your seconds away from making a decision that will change life forever. Just for a minute imagine this: your worries about lead flow and sales are now a thing of the past. 

Because you now have a predictable system for cultivating new clients, that you can turn off or on when needed. 

You’re much happier working from without all the travel and can spend time with your loved ones. 

You even have a pep in your step knowing you could live anywhere in the world and make a living. 

Now is the time to make that life a reality… Sign up below!

"What past attendees say..."

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“What if I miss part of the event?”

We strongly recommend you to attend all the sections because they build upon each other and you will experience some breakthrough in each individual session, I guarantee you that!

Now, in the rare event, something happened and you have to step out during the weekend because something urgent has come up, no problem. We will record the event and give you lifetime access to all the sessions (a HUGE value).